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International Travel Tips

These international travel tips are practical with a full range of tips and ideas on packing, international driving, hotels, rental cars, and what to do to minimize their risk of contacting mosquito borne diseases in tropical destinations.

International Travel Tips

Ever wonder how you can pack lighter, or are considering renting car in a foreign country and looking for some tips that other travelers have found useful, or are planning a vacation to a tropical destination and looking for information in mosquito borne diseases?

World's Best BeachesBest Beaches

Discover the world's best beaches with pristine white sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise water and scenic backdrops.
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Top Romantic VacationsBest Romantic Vacations

Discover the top romantic vacation destinations appeal to couples for intimacy and to revitalize their relationship .
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The Top Practical International Travel Tips

International Driving Sign

International Driving Tips
Are you visiting another country and planning on doing some international driving? Here are some travel tips and information that you need to be aware of before you plan your trip.

One of the best ways to go off the beaten path and away from the crowds is to rent a car to travel at your own pace. However, there are also many issues that need to be dealt with including; signs in a foreign language or unfamiliar graphics, unfamiliar traffic circles with many unstructured merging lanes, hairpin turns through mountain passes, the steering wheel on the opposite side, high crime rates and vehicular break ins. [ Read more ]



Car Rental TipsCar Hire Tips
Renting a car has become a much more commonplace occurrence than before. There are many options available from many different car hire companies, so it is essential that you shop around to find the best deal for your needs. Even the same car hire company in different locations will not always charge the same price. [ Read more ]



Travelers packing tipsPacking Tips
Looking to conserve suitcase space, or to protect your valuables, or just need some tips on packing that can make your vacation easier to deal with.

Ever wonder how you can do a better job of packing, especially now that the airlines are charging extra fees for more baggage. [ Read more ]


Hotel travel tipsHotel Travel Tips
Hotel Travel tips for travelers looking for practical tips on hotel security, convenience, hotel tipping, car rental, and other issues that can make your vacation travel easier to deal with.

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mosquito-netTips for the Prevention Mosquito Borne Diseases
Traveling to the tropics where there are likely to be mosquito borne diseases? Here are protection tips to avoid some of the nasty diseases associated with tropical mosquito's.

In a number of regions of the world, diseases inflicted by mosquitos are on the rise. Fortunately, some of these diseases like malaria and yellow fever are preventable and treatable with medication, others like dengue fever and chikungunya, both of which are on the rise, are not. [ Read more ]




Best Wildlife DestinationsWildlife safari

Our choices of the top destinations for seeing and photographing wildlife. These destinations are located throughout the world to identify the best opportunities to see a wide variety of wildlife.
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Small Ship Cruise AdventuresAdventure Cruises

Small Ship Adventure Cruises offer active minded travelers an interactive involvement with nature and the local habitat making for an out of the ordinary experience. [ Read more ]

Best Snorkeling SitesBest Caribbean Snorkeling

Discover where the best snorkeling sites in the world are. Snorkeling is a relatively inexpensive soft adventure activity and can be enjoyed by anyone.
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