Soft Adventure Tourism: Your Guide to That Out of the Ordinary Vacation

Discover Soft Adventure tourism to experience awesome global adventures with mild physical activity

Exploring relatively unspoiled lands is a great way to feel invigorated and refreshed and to return with a lifetime of memorable experience

What Is Soft Adventure Tourism?

Soft Adventure Tourism is all about the sharing of information and tips with travelers planning vacations or trips to non-traditional destinations for new experiences, activities, cultures, and natural wonders, with some mild physical activity.

It's one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry and is enjoyed by anyone who is looking for more than just your typical vacation to a beach, a cruise, or a sightseeing trip to a big city. Although many of the soft adventure short tours are often taken to supplement the traditional vacation. This includes many trips to destinations that offer eco-tourism or special interest expeditions or themes

Are There Any Qualifications?

Travelers don't need any special qualifications to enjoy this type of travel other than a desire for an unusual or memorable experience and is reasonably good health.

Some of the typical tours can include activities and cultural experiences like safaris, sailing, biking, hiking, fishing, wineries, barging, dude ranches, snorkeling, nature studies, and many more.

Cruise lines are also joining in on this trend by offering theme cruises to exotic locations. Many are sailing expedition cruise ships that are led by knowledgeable people in their field and can provide lectures and field trips to exotic locations for travelers to experience first hand a destinations culture, history, geography, and/or wildlife.

All this along with their usual assortment of great meals and entertainment.

Destinations can run the gamut from budget to luxury. Even African safari's have their range of cost offerings up to and including luxury tent camping with all the comforts of home including in-tent hot water bathrooms and fine dining.

Families with kids are finding soft adventure vacations a great way for a family to bond together by experiencing exciting activities with some mild exercise.