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Best Scenic Canoe Trips

Looking for the best scenic canoe trips offering wilderness adventure yet gentle enough for beginners and novices?

Canoes were developed by the American Indians with a slim hull for easy navigation through calm waters. They were mainly used for fishing and transportation. Today, variations of the Indian canoe can be found in other global destinations.

Scenic Canoe Trips

White Water Rafting White Water Rafting

Discover the world's best white water rafting trips. Looking for a an adventuresome out of the ordinary trip that has excitement, great scenery, wildlife, with some physical activity? White water rafting expeditions come in all flavors.
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In some global destinations, canoe/paddling trips may feature sit on top kayaks with a slightly wider hull where paddlers sit higher up from the bottom. Most sit-on-tops are built for recreational paddling, beginning paddlers, novice canoeists, and for people who have flexibility problems with the traditional kayaks.


The best scenic canoe trips can be enjoyed by beginner and novice canoeists and are navigated over flat water or Class I rivers and lakes.

North America Canoe Trips USA Canoe trip

Discover the top scenic North America canoe trips. These trips can take you to the upper reaches of Canada and Alaska where you can experience snow capped mountains, grizzly bears, and moose. In the western USA, with beautiful mountain scenery and wildlife, and further down to the southern USA, enjoy a calm scenic trip to a swamp.
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Europe Canoe TripsBest Europe Canoe Trips

Discover the top scenic Europe canoe trips. They are offer mild adventure and are gentle enough for beginners and novices and take you to Poland, Slovenia, France, and England. where you can enjoy wildlife, picturesque villages, and castles.
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Asia Canoe TripsAsia Canoe Trips

Discover the top scenic Asia canoe trips. Looking for a scenic Asia canoe trip that offers mild adventure and gentle enough for beginners and novices? Here you can enjoy awesome scenery with huge limestone cliffs, lagoons, sea caves, and more.
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