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Volunteer Travel

Combining Travel With Volunteer Work

Discover volunteer travel and the top opportunities for people looking for volunteer travel, or "VolunTourism" where they can experience an out of the ordinary vacation to a remote destination while furthering a charitable cause and enjoying camaraderie and friendships with like minded people.

international volunteering is more than a vacation. It has the added benefit of providing volunteers a new perspective and insight into the culture and themselves.

Volunterer Travel

The types of VolunTourism programs are diverse, from non skilled tasks like cleaning up local wildlife areas to highly-skilled medical aid.

Combining a vacation with volunteering in a foreign country is a great way to immerse yourself in local cultures and make a difference.

Wildlife Photo Safari'sWildlife safari

The best wildlife photo safari's are those that offer unique, memorable, wildlife experiences and photo opportunities for that out of the ordinary vacation.
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Medical TourismMedical Tourism

Medical tourism, also called medical travel, health tourism or global health care, is the process of traveling to another country to receive quality health care from highly skilled physicians and surgeons at a fraction of the cost available in the United States, Canada, and the U. K.
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While many of these programs are less costly than non-volunteer vacations, VolunTourism comes with some discomforts. Are you willing to live, work and socialize with people whose culture and outlook is very different from yours? Can you deal with living in a tent or run down structure with an outhouse? Or do you need to be in a hotel?

VolunTourism has caught on with college students, baby boomers, seniors and women's groups, who want to experience the adventure and rewards from helping causes abroad.

The wide range of volunteer travel programs listed on the web site are for travelers who want a cross-cultural experience, who are flexible and want to make a difference. Many of these trips prove to be life-changing experiences.

These volunteer opportunities typically charge for their programs. Each program requires materials, equipment, personnel, and training, and in most cases, includes airfare, lodging and food. A significant donation to the project is often included in the price which provides vital income to the local community.

Please exercise caution when booking with tour operators to ensure that their priorities are with the volunteer project and the communities they serve, and not just trying to generate business by misrepresenting the volunteer programs they are promoting.

The Top Picks For Finding VolunTourism Opportunities

Student VolunTourism Opportunities Student Volunteer Travel
Check out these great opportunities for high school students, gap, and college students looking for rewarding experiences. The variety of student volunteer programs include;
3 - 5 five-week summer community service programs for teenagers with opportunities to children in orphanages, build schools or the underprivileged people in rural international villages.

Gap Year programs for students interested in teaching overseas. the opportunities include teaching English abroad where you can live with a family with the benefit of a leader providing support in a group of like-minded volunteers

Intern Programs structured to supplement your college education. In addition to receiving college credit, you receive the added benefit of gaining an insight into the world. [ Read more ]

International Community VolunTourism Opportunities

Community Volunteer Vacations Here are some great resources for people people looking for an out of the ordinary vacation with a purpose by getting involved with community volunteer work overseas. The opportunities are widespread and can range from working in a school, an orphan home, or in putting up a building, or in participating in an agricultural project. This can all be done as an out of the ordinary vacation to a remote destination that offers a rewarding purposeful travel experience. Here you can make a difference in someone's life. while enjoying the friendships of like minded people. [ Read more ]


International Medical VolunTourism OpportunitiesMedical Volunteer Travel

Here are some resources for people looking to donate their time to help combat disease and suffering in developing countries.

While there is a dire need for professionally trained and licensed medical practitioners, there are also many opportunities for spouses and other dedicated volunteers with non-medical training. [ Read more ]


Conservation Wildlife VolunTourism Vacations Wildlife conservation volunteer vacations

These conservation wildlife programs are opportunities that will take you to fascinating parts of the world to have fun while getting involved in a meaningful hands-on experience with wildlife conservation.

These volunteers would spend their time while traveling to assist the country they are visiting by getting involved with wildlife research and/or nature conservation programs. [ Read more ]


World's Best Bike ToursWorld's Best Bike Tours

An ideal vacation for the traveler looking to explore the lightly traveled back roads for fantastic scenery, camaraderie, and some fun oriented exercise. [ Read more ]

Best Scenic Canoe Trips Scenic Canoe Trips

The best scenic canoe trips offering wilderness adventure yet gentle enough for beginners and novices. [ Read more ]

World's Best Scenic DrivesDolomite Scenic Drive

Discover the world's best scenic drives and routes that offer something special for travelers looking for that out of the ordinary scenic experience. [ Read more ]

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