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Soft Adventure Cruises

Small Ship Cruises to Remote Destinations

Soft Adventure cruises are for active minded travelers who seek a more interactive involvement with nature and the local habitat for an out of the ordinary experience and the sharing of their curiosity about the world with a small group of like-minded explorers.

Adventure Cruises

Small ship cruises are very different than the standard mega ship cruises to popular destinations where relaxation and round the clock dining are the norm.

These cruises are typically taken on smaller ships with anywhere from 25 to 150 passengers and have the advantage of reaching destinations not able to be reached by the larger cruise ships.

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They will take you to fascinating destinations such as the Galapagos Islands, the coral atolls of the South Pacific, Arctic, Antarctica, and Alaska, where you can explore a destination by foot or hiking, cycling, kayaking, or horseback riding. Travelers are typically offered a wide range of related activities including lectures, and post-visit discussions to enhance your journey.

Small ship cruises are attractive to people who enjoy meeting new people and sharing experiences. Less passengers means a more intimate, informal opportunity to bond with fellow passengers.

The level of activity for cruise expeditions varies according to destinations and the cruise line.

This site provides listings of the top soft adventure cruises where light or moderate physical activity is involved and can be enjoyed by travelers from 12 to 80 years of age who are in good physical condition.

The listing of cruise operators is provided for our viewers Information. We have no business relationship with any of the listings and do not receive any income from having their listing appear on our web site.

Viewers are also advised to carefully check out their programs to ensure they are still viable entities and will meet your needs before contracting with them.

The Top Destinations for Soft Adventure Cruises

Alaska CruisesAlaska Cruises

Here you can find information on Alaska cruises on small ships that explore the far reaches of the inside passage not accessible to the large cruise ships.

Enjoy the best of Alaska, away from the large crowds and formality where naturalists take you onto Zodiacs and kayaks and/or lead you with hiking tours to experience up close the wildlife, glaciers, and fantastic scenery. Cruises to Alaska are generally low to moderate physical activity.

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Antarctic CruisesAntartic

An off the beaten track destination where you will come to experience "The White Continent" with it's giant blue tinted icebergs, glaciers, ten thousand foot peaks rising out of the sea, and abundant wildlife. Most of the expedition cruises will be led by expert naturalists in geology, botany, and wildlife, who will take you ashore aboard Zodiacs.

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Arctic Cruises Artic Cruises

Cruises to the Arctic occur in the summer when there is almost complete daylight, warmth and an abundance of food for wildlife, including polar bears, musk ox, ringed seals, bearded seals, belugas, narwhal, killer whales, walrus, bowhead whales, wildfowl, waders and unusual bird life. Arctic regions are perfect for explorations by small ship cruises that can reach remote fjords, channels and shores.

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Galapagos Islands Cruises Galapagos Islands

By visiting each of the Islands by boat the traveler experiences the geographic diversity of each of the islands and is able to witness first hand how species evolved into new versions of themselves and are no longer found elsewhere on earth.

The Galapagos Islands are a model for eco-tourism where the government imposes strict controls on group sizes and tour activities to preserve the natural eco-systems.

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Tropic Cruises Tropical Cruise

These soft adventure cruises provide the opportunity to explore tropical islands, rivers, national parks, wildlife reserves, and native villages under the leadership of expert guides. They often include low to moderate activity such as; hiking canoeing, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, mountain biking, and horseback riding. This is an excellent way to experience out of the ordinary, remote tropical destinations with experienced guides.

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