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Arctic Cruises

Small ship expeditions

Arctic cruises are spectacular soft adventure, small ship expeditions if you have the time with most of the cruises ranging from two-three weeks.

Cruises to the Arctic take place in the summer when there is almost complete daylight, warmer temperatures, and an abundance of food for wildlife.

The High Arctic is best explored from July to September, as the pack ice recedes. From the decks of huge ice breakers to Luxury Cruise Ships to 50 passenger converted research ships, there's a lot to explore

Artic Cruises

The Arctic is an ocean surrounded by land. The Arctic region covers the the periphery of the northern continents, oceans, islands and ice sheets, lying mostly north of the Arctic Circle and includes the northern reaches of Canada, Alaska, Scandinavia, Russia, Iceland, Greenland and the Spitsbergen Archipelago

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Arctic regions are perfect for explorations by small ship cruises that can reach remote fjords, channels and shores.

Small ship expeditions also minimize the impact on a destinations wildlife by reducing the number of people going ashore.

Eco- tourism enlightens visitors on the necessity of safeguarding the future of of wild life and the arctic wilderness. Researchers found that tourism doesn't affect the environment tour operators follow simple guidelines. Responsible Eco-tour operators are committed to preserving this pristine environment.

Many of the Arctic cruises listed below offer sea kayaking where you can get close up to experience the ice, wildlife and sea life. Everything you need is provided. However, you will usually need to have previous experience and basic kayaking skills.

Each of the Arctic cruises listed below are known to practice responsible travel and offer soft adventure cruises with light or moderate physical activity for travelers 12-80 years of age who are in good physical condition.

The Best Soft Adventure Small Ship Arctic Tour Operators

AdventureSmith Explorations
3090 North Lake Blvd. Suite #1
Tahoe City, CA 96145
Toll Free: 1-877-620-2875 - 8:00am – 5:00pm Pacific Time
530-583-1775 - 8:00am – 5:00pm Pacific Time Adventure Smith Alaska Cruises

Specializes in soft adventure travel using small ships, professional guides and sustainable practices to experience nature and wildlife up close. Specially outfitted yachts, small ships, and wilderness lodges serve as a base from which expert naturalists lead small group explorations into the wilderness.



Hurtigruten USA

Hurtigruten Arctic Cruises

A voyage to Spitsbergen, the largest Norwegian island in the Svalbar archipelago, is half way to the North Pole. Enjoy fascinating wildlife including walrus, polar bears, reindeer, seabirds and unusual bird life, as well it's natural scenic beauty including icebergs, fjords, glaciers, mountains, islands, hot springs and more.

With this voyage you will Learn about the historical significance of Spitsbergen's scientific research, hunting and fishing.

Most of the landings which occur twice a day are by Zodiac and the terrain on shore may be fairly rugged, so you should be reasonably sure-footed. Other than that, the landings and the tour does not make any special physical demands on the participants.

Lindblad Expeditions
96 Morton St.
New York, 10014
Lindblad Expeditions

An alliance with National Geographic specializing expedition travel to remote, unsoiled territory without sacrificing comfort. Each ship features comfortable cabins, a lounge, a library, and wellness services so that you can unwind after an active day. And chefs on board create delicious meals that reflect the cuisine of the places we visit using fresh, local, and organic ingredients. On board each ship, you'll find Zodiac landing craft, sea kayaks, and snorkeling gear, as well as specially designed tools that allow for more extensive exploration.

They offer a 17 day expedition deep into the far reaches of the Arctic, a land where polar bears roam, walruses loll, and hardy Inuit communities maintain their traditional way of life. Aboard the National Geographic Explorer, trace the rugged fjords of Greenland and navigate Canada's legendary Northwest Passage. Spot polar bears on the pack ice, get up close to massive glaciers, and hike the myriad islands that dot Canada's northern shores.

Quark Expeditions
(888) 892 0334
+1-802-735-1536 (outside North America)

Quark Expeditions

Their nuclear-powered icebreaker allows them to go deep into the Arctic crushes their way to the North Pole. The polar-class conventional icebreaker, Kapitan Khlebnikov journeys well above the Arctic Circle. Each icebreaker is equipped with helicopters and Zodiacs. They reach remote locations that other vessels in the Arctic cannot. The Polar Adventure Ships explore Spitsbergen, Svalbard, add kayaking options, and to experience channels and bays through which our icebreakers cannot sail.

In general you must be reasonably fit, as terrain may be rough, and require unassisted mobility. You must be able to make your way down a steep, narrow gangway on the side of the ship to board Zodiacs and for sea ice exploration.

Travel Wild Expeditions
(800) 368-0077
(206) 463-5362

Travel Wild ExpeditionsThey feature cruised to Spitsbergen, the largest island in the Svalbard archipelago in Norway. Spitsbergen offers exceptional Arctic scenery and wildlife viewing opportunities. The most accessible place in the world to see polar bears in the wild offers spectacular scenery of Spitsbergen's coastal mountains, massive glaciers and ever-shifting pack ice.



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