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How Is Supported is not a commercial website and is not connected or affiliated with any travel agency, tourism office, or any of the travel or leisure related programs that appear on this website.

The content that is offered on this website is free to all of our readers and the costs to provide this service are offset by the ads and the commissions from our affiliates. This source of advertising income is necessary to continue offering free content and to continue to add to it.

Acceptance of an ad does not affect, influence, or bias the content of the information provided on this website. Also, any services or products you purchase from our advertisers are at the same cost of purchasing them directly from the advertiser.

World's Best BeachesBest Beaches

Discover the world's best beaches with pristine white sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise water and scenic backdrops.
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Top Romantic VacationsBest Romantic Vacations

Discover the top romantic vacation destinations appeal to couples for intimacy and to revitalize their relationship .
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The Benefits of Website Advertising

Traditional print advertising such as brochures, newspapers, magazines, and other tourist services are often read by travelers after they have made their travel plans and after they arrived at their destination.

Not only is print advertising more expensive, its often too late for travelers who have completed their plans to make a purchase decision. advertising is specifically targeted to people who are interested in soft adventure tourism at the moment they are searching for this information.

Advertising Opportunities is accepting a limited number of advertising opportunities in each soft adventure tourism category (ex., ski resorts, hiking, safari's, etc.)

On occasion we accept free advertising for our community pages, though they are limited and must meet a strict set of guidelines. To learn more, visit free advertising.

If you're interested in advertising and would like to learn more about our program, rates, terms and conditions, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Best Wildlife DestinationsWildlife safari

Our choices of the top destinations for seeing and photographing wildlife. These destinations are located throughout the world to identify the best opportunities to see a wide variety of wildlife.
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Best Snorkeling SitesBest Caribbean Snorkeling

Discover where the best snorkeling sites in the world are. Snorkeling is a relatively inexpensive soft adventure activity and can be enjoyed by anyone.
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World's Best Scenic Views Grand Canyon

Discover where the ten best scenic views and vista's in the world are expected to be of interest to world travelers who enjoy photo safari's and experiencing and taking pictures.
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