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Couples Adventure Vacations

Couples adventure vacations are ideal for working couples who are tied to their computers and in their off-time lead an active life. Typically these couples are not content with escaping to a vacation destination with a tropical drink on a beach and reading a book. If you experience restlessness in this type of setting and are looking for some activity, a little excitement, exercise, and enhanced bonding, then a couples adventure vacation is for you.

Soft Adventure Vacations for Couples

The added benefit of an adventure couples vacation is that it brings your relationship closer together. An adventure vacation as a couple gives you time to spend time alone together, sharing new expeiences, with enhanced bonding by expeiencing new or reinvigorated shared interests.

World's Best BeachesBest Beaches

Discover the world's best beaches with pristine white sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise water and scenic backdrops.
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Top Romantic VacationsBest Romantic Vacations

Discover the top romantic vacation destinations appeal to couples for intimacy and to revitalize their relationship .
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The choices for an active couples vacation destination are virtually limitless. Budget, time constraints, activity types, group/solo tour, climate, and more, are all factors that enter into the type of vacation that appeals to active couples.

Some couples like to head off to a remote exotic destination with wildlife or awesome scenery. Others may wish to stay closer to home at a national park for camping and hiking.

The range of activities can range from the more adventurous such as bungee jumping, sky diving, 10,000 ft plus mountain climbing, to the softer activities such as sailing, scuba diving, skiing, biking, canoeing, and more.

The Top Activities and Destinations For Couples Seeking an Active Vacation

World's Best Bike ToursBiking is one of the most popular ways of enjoying time together while getting some exercise. Self-guided bicycle tours are widely available available through out the world. This is an ideal vacation for couples looking to explore the lightly traveled back roads for fantastic scenery, camaraderie, and some fun oriented exercise. Destinations with some of the best bike tours and trips are in Australia, Europe, and the USA. [ Read More ]


Scenic Canoe TripsCanoe/Kyaking Canoe and kayak getaways offering wilderness adventure yet gentle enough for beginners and novices. Many of these adventures can be augmented with camping and hiking. Popular destinations include: Asia, Europe, and North America. [ Read more ]



World's Best Ski ResortsSkiing getaways are a great winter activity for couples looking to enjoy a healthy, adventuresome experience. For the beginning skier, ski resorts have excellent instruction that within a matter of hours have you skiing downhill on your own. The popular destinations for skiing getaways include: Canada, Europe, South America, and the USA. [ Read more ]


Adventure CruisesSmall Ship Adventure Cruises offer a great experience for active minded travelers who seek a more interactive involvement with nature and the local habitat of an out of the ordinary destination The level of activity for cruise expeditions varies according to destinations and the cruise line. These cruises are typically taken on smaller ships with anywhere from 25 to 150 passengers and have the advantage of reaching destinations not able to be reached by the larger cruise ships. Small ship adventure cruise tours typically have landings where you can explore a destination by foot or hiking, cycling, kayaking, or horseback riding. The popular destinations include: Alaska, Antartica, the Arctic, The Galapagos Islands, and the South Pacific. [ Read more ]

Best Caribbean SnorkelingSnorkeling is a relatively inexpensive soft adventure activity and can be enjoyed by people at any age and at any level (even non-swimmers) who have a curiosity for underwater adventure.The popular vdestinations for snorkeling include: The Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, The Middle East, and the South Pacific. [ Read more ]


White Water RaftingWhite Water Rafting Whitewater rafting expeditions come in all flavors. As a mini-vacation close to home, or as an extended vacation to a remote part of the world where you can experience world class rafting with great scenery and cultural activities. Beginners as well as experienced rafters can enjoy this activity. [ Read more ]


Wildlife safariWildlife Safari A wildlife safari is an excellent way to spend quality time while getting out and experiencing nature in the wild in an awesome scenic environment. Wildlife safari's can be enhanced with hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and camping. The popular wildlife safari destinations include; Africa, Alaska, India, and the USA. [ Read more ]




Best Caribbean Snorkeling Best Caribbean Snorkeling

Experienced global snorkelers will be quick to say that the Caribbean is one of the best regions in the world for snorkeling. The water is clear with good visibility and the range of marine life is excellent. [ Read more ]

Best Indian Ocean Snorkeling Indian Ocean Snorkeling

The Indian Ocean snorkeling sites are best known far having rare marine life species and the world's longest coral reef system.
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Best Middle East Snorkeling Middle East Snorkeling

Known far having very warm, balmy water, with an abundance of marine life species, and a close to shore coral reef system.
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