The Best Snorkeling Sites in the World

Best Snorkeling Sites in the World

Discover where the best snorkeling sites in the world are. We've put together a list of the top snorkeling sites in the world.

Snorkeling is a relatively inexpensive soft adventure activity and can be enjoyed by anyone, at any, level (even non-swimmers) who have curiosity for underwater adventure.

It's a great way to complement a vacation to a tropical destination. Snorkeling is a great activity for the whole family to get involved with exploring the underwater adventure without costly equipment and tours.

Snorkeling is not difficult. The hardest thing to get used to is breathing with your head under water. Many beginning snorkelers get their confidence up by either starting out in a swimming pool and at the beach.

f you don't have your own snorkeling equipment you can rent it or buy it at any location with good snorkeling.

Criteria For a "Best" Snorkeling Site

1) The variety of marine life and coral.

2) Clarity of water and visibility

3) Safe for beginners with mild currents

4) Ease of accessibility. Locations where coral is close to the shore and and accessible without much difficulty

5) Snorkeling on a boat excursion trip where the experience is especially unique.

The World's Best Snorkeling Regions

Caribbean Snorkeling

Experienced global snorkelers will be quick to say that the Caribbean is one of the best regions in the world for snorkeling. The water is clear with good visibility and the range of marine life is excellent.

Indian Ocean Snorkeling

Indian Ocean
The Indian Ocean snorkeling sites are best known far having rare marine life species and the world's longest coral reef system.

Middle East Snorkeling

Middle East
This region is known Known far having very warm, balmy water, with an abundance of marine life species, and a close to shore coral reef system.

South Pacific Snorkeling

South Pacific
The South Pacific is known for it's myriad of beautiful islands, calm blue hued lagoons, the largest reef in the world, and the enormous variety of marine life