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The Best Sailing Adventures

Sailing adventures are a great way to experience an out of the ordinary vacation to exotic locations while enjoying the the thrill of a ship's surge as a fresh wind fills the sails, as you navigate over clear blue waters and head towards relatively undiscovered or rarely visited atolls, white sand islands with palm trees, coral reefs, and native villages.

Sailing adventure

The choice of ship or sailing charter operator for the soft adventure traveler spans the spectrum, ranging from square-rigged tall ships built around the turn of the century to fast racing sloops with the most recent advances in design and technology. Life aboard a sailing ship adventure is rarely passive

World's Best BeachesBest Beaches

Discover the world's best beaches with pristine white sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise water and scenic backdrops.
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There are a wide variety of sailing opportunities available for both the novice and experienced sailor. Smaller vessels offer excellent opportunities for one on one instruction in sailing and navigation. Some of the larger sailing vessels, with less opportunity for private sailing instruction, offer an adventurous maritime experience to an exotic location.

Many of the sailing ships have successfully accommodated passengers from 4 to 80 years old, with no strenuous requirements for age or physical capacity. The most important thing is a passengers attitude and flexibility.

The recommendations and listing of sailing charter operators is provided for our viewers Information. We have no business relationship with any of the listings and do not receive any income from having their listing appear on our web site. Viewers are also advised to carefully check out their programs to ensure they are still viable entities and will meet your needs before contracting with them.

The Best Sailing Adventures

Caribbean sailing adventure Caribbean Sailing
Our top choices of the Caribbean sailing trips. This is a region where sailing enthusiasts head out to enjoy exploring many exotic islands on a short itinerary, either on a bare boat or crewed charter.
Europe Sailing, Isle of Capri, Italy Europe Sailing
Our top choices of the Europe sailing adventures take you to the western and eastern Mediterranean where you will explore beautiful hillside sloping historic villages and seaports with all the grace and charm of European hospitality.
Indonesia Native Village Pacific Sailing
Experience a journey to exotic, remote tropical islands where you can explore native villages, coral reefs, sandy beaches, snorkeling, hiking, and possible opportunities for private sailing instruction.
USA Sailing Adventures USA Sailing
The top USA sailing adventures are characterized by diverse geographic, wildlife, and climates. You can choose to either sit back and enjoy a casual expedition, or get actively involved by participating and receiving instruction in the sailing and navigation of sailing vessels.

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