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Packing Tips for Travelers

Packing tips for travelers looking to conserve suitcase space, or to protect your valuables, or just need some tips on packing that can make your vacation easier to deal with.

Travelers packing tips

Ever wonder how you can do a better job of packing, especially now that the airlines are charging extra fees for more baggage.

Travel TipsInternational Travel Tips

These international travel tips are practical with a full range of tips and ideas on packing, international driving, hotels, rental cars, and what to do to minimize their risk of contacting mosquito borne diseases in tropical destinations.
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Practical Packing Tips From Experienced Travelers

Pack Light
With airlines charging for extra bags, take less items along. Some tips include taking versatile clothes you can wear several times or interchange color coordinated jackets with pants to produce different outfits. Take no more than three pairs of shoes, wearing one pair and packing two. Choose thin items over thick - Avoid taking sweatshirts or bulky sweaters.

Don't pack for all possible situations. Pack for the most likely situations and buy yourself out of the unanticipated or unlikely event.

Try to bring dark clothes that dry quickly and are apt to look good wrinkled. You should be able to easily dry lightweight clothing over night in your hotel room.

If you don't want to stick out as a tourist, be advised that shorts in most major cities are uncommon.

Pack your bag only 75% full to leave room for items to be purchased such as souvenirs. In packing is tight, bring an empty, almost-weightless nylon bag to use as a carry-on for your return flight.

Don't pack or take your jewelry and valuables
Tourists are targets for thieves and luggage often gets lost in transit. Don't dress like you are wealthy especially to the locals you are trying to bargain with.

Roll Your Clothes
Don't fold and place your clothing individually, one on top of the other, otherwise they will crease. Roll your shirts, pants, and skirts, by laying them face down and first folding back the sleeves before rolling the item from the bottom up.

Do not pack the following items in your checked baggage
Cash,laptop computers, electronics, and fragile items, as checked bags are apt to get lost or crushed.

What t documents or papers to take
Bring a copy of your passport (photo and visa pages) and other travel documents. Make a copy of your credit cards. Leave home any unneeded credit cards. Place on an index card or mobile device a listing allergies and medical conditions.

Check out the voltage and outlets of the country
Most of the newer travel accessories are dual-voltage and can work on both American and European current, although an adapter may be needed to fit into another countries outlet. If you have an older travel appliance, you'll need to buy a separate, bulky converter which can be more expensive than simply buying a new dual-voltage appliance. Suggest taping the outlet adapter to your travel accessories plug with tape to prevent it from remaining in the outlet and getting left behind.

Take a small soft-sided cooler
Use a a carry-on bag and have a cooler to use in the hotel, the rental car, or at the beach.

Take some recycled grocery bags
Packed empty in suitcases, they can be filled with stuff you purchased to bring home from your trip.

Take along a KidCo's PeaPod travel bed
It's a small, compact pop up tent with a tiny inflatable mattress that can fit in a back pack. Your child can have the same bed every night for an easy adjustment to sleeping in an unfamiliar place.

Pack with some bubble wrap - Line your suitcases with bubble wrap or layer it between clothes. It's almost weightless and keeps your clothes wrinkle free. They also come in handy when you buy breakables that you want to take home.

Freshen up your luggage
Put some small bars of fragrant soap in your suitcase. They make every thing smell better and can be used in some places where soap is not furnished.

Pack your cell phone charger in your carry on
Making calls to friends, hotels, and airlines when delayed can quickly run down the battery, and if you are delayed overnight you may not have access to your checked baggage.

Bring along a fishing float for your glasses
When kayaking, canoeing, or rafting, attach a fishing float to you glasses. If you happen to fall overboard, retrieving your glasses will be easy.

Take along a walkie talkie
Going on a family cruise or ski trip, take along some inexpensive battery operated two way radios to keep everyone connected. Many have a range of up 5 miles.

Take along some Glad Press 'n Seal Wraps
To protect your digital camera or iPod from the rain. Cut a hole for the camera lens area or for the iPod ear phone plugs to pass through.

What to put in your carry on bag
No more tan 20 pounds in a carry-on–size bag. Include: An all-weather coat. A supply of any medication and extra pair of prescription glasses or contacts lenses. A change of clothing. Duplicate suitcase keys. Don't bring anything potentially dangerous such as knives, box cutters, scissors, lighters, or large quantities of liquids or gels .

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