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Visit Sumba Island, Indonesia

by andi irawan
(Waingapu, Sumba Island, Indonesia)

Sumba Island in Eastern Indonesia is a fascinating island for visitors seeking a special holiday, vacation, or travel experience.

There are lots of beaches in Sumba Island that are unique and known for their natural beauty. The most famous beach is Tarimbang, the beach that is internationally known among surfers.
Besides Tarimbang, there are Purucambera beach, Tawui beach, Pindu Hurani beach and more that have been fascinating to visitors for their their scenic beauty.

Sumba island is known for more than just it's beaches. They are also known for exotic nature, and especially for its flora, fauna, bird life and their national parks. There are two national parks located on Sumba Island. Laiwangi Wanggameti national Park and Manupeu Tana Daru National Park.

The Laiwangi Wanggameti national park offers several options for visitors. Visitors can discover interesting sites such as the waterfall the blue lake, as well as the beautiful scenic landscape of Laiwolang, or having adventure activities such as camping in the jungle, and hiking to the highest peak of Sumba Island.

Visitors can also discover the culture of the Sumbanese like horse riding and watching a megalithic funeral of a Sumbanese corpse. Megalithic burial tombs are above ground chambers made up large stone slabs (megaliths) placed on edge and covered either earth or other smaller stones.

There are 7 endemic species of birds live in the park, the most interesting birds for the majority of visitors especially for researchers is Sumbanese Cockatoo (Cacatua sulphurea citrinocristata)

There are 4 waterfalls located in the park, one of them is easy to be reached but
three others require more challenges to be visited.

Laputi Waterfall
Laputi waterfall is located in Praingkareha village of Tabundung Sub-district 480 meters above sea level. At the top of the waterfall sits a beautiful blue lake called Laputi Lake. Visitors can reach it from Waingapu by a 2-3 hour drive by car or motorcycle. The Laiwangi Wanggameti National Park Agency supplies the vehicle to travel around the park.

Kanabuwai Waterfall
The waterfall in sumba’ language means “Waterfall” (Kanabu= fall; Wai= Water). The waterfall is located at Waikanabu village about 118 km from Waingapu or approximately 3 to 5 hours from Waingapu by motorcycle or car. If you choose to walk or hike from the village, the journey takes about 12 hours stretching along the river. If you plan to hike to the waterfall, it is suggested that you camp in the jungle. Another option to reach the waterfall from Waikanabu village is walking through huge savannah for about 9 hours.
The favored way to reach the waterfall is through Ramuk village about 63 Km from Waingapu or about 3-5 hours by car or motorcycle.

Kahalatau Waterfall
Kahalatau waterfall is located near Lailunggi village about 138 km from Waingapu. Visitors can reach the village by a car or on motorcycle and takes 3-5 hours from Waingapu,and from Lailunggi an additional one hour motorcycle to reach Laitaku where the Waterfall is located. From Laitaku, visitors should walk through a long pathway in tropical rain forest of the park for about 1.5 hours before they can see an exotic Kahalatau waterfall. The waterfall is 472 meters on the sea level.

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