The Best Canada White Water Rafting Trips

Canada White Water Rafting Trips
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Canada white water rafting on a remote rafting one of the best ways to explore Canada's wilderness and wildlife.

White water Rafting in Canada varies from a short white water day trip to 10 day exploring expeditions. Rafting trips in northern Canada tends to have longer expeditions, as these areas are remote locations deep in the tundra and mountains of the wild. Southern Canadian regions are more likely to have shorter trips and large resorts to accommodate higher levels of traffic and visitors.

The Best Canada White Water Rafting Trips

The Best of Canada rafting rivers is based on rivers that fall into the Classes III - V, have long periods of rapids, and great scenery.

Nahatlatch River, British Columbia
Class: III-IV+ (May - June are high-water months with very challenging rapids. July and August are best for warmer weather and for lower level rafters.)
The Nahatlatch River is known for it's long runs of continuous, rapids and runs through steep walled canyons. The run from the Nahatlatch lakes to the Canyon entrance has 25 rapids with a drop of 85 feet per mile. With good road access you can choose to portage the two Class IV+ rapids, the Rose Garden and the Meat grinder.
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Stay at:
L'Hermitage Hotel
Vancouver, British Columbia
Located in the heart of Vancouver's hottest shopping and entertainment district. This is a 60-room, luxury, boutique property that graced the Vancouver hotel scene in June of 2008. Unique architecture within a West Coast setting, vogue interior design and thoughtful amenities makes the L'Hermitage Hotel the essence of the ultimate cosmopolitan getaway.

Magpie River, Quebec
Class: IV-V
The Magpie is known for it's remoteness, with challenging rapids, waterfalls, glacial-gouged lakes, gorges, and wildlife. The Magpie River originates in the Labrador Plateau and flows through the Cote-Nord region of Quebec and empties into the St. Lawrence River. Access to the the 40-mile river run begins with a float-plane landing into Magpie Lake, followed by five days of paddling and airlifting around obstacles. There are stretches like the Magpie Canyon that require portaging. The scenic Magpie Falls is a memorable sight of brilliant colors and sounds and a waterfall drop of more than 80 feet.
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Stay at:
Aux Trois Couettes
Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs, Quebec, Canada
A small boutique B&B located on the St Lawrence River.