The Top Australia Romantic Vacation Destinations

Queensland Islands, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Photo: Queensland Islands, Great Barrier Reef, Australia - Courtesy Queensland Uncovered

Discover the top Australia romantic vacation destinations.  A huge country with a huge variety of destinations for that unusual romantic experience

Australia romantic vacations feature  very diverse, stunning landscapes,  and climates including; desserts, tropical rain forests, beautiful beaches, and coral reefs.

Isolated from the rest of the world has enabled many weird and wonderful Australian animal species to survive including the kangaroo, koala, wallaby, the Tasmanian devil, and more.

Best Australia Romantic Vacation Destinations

Daintree forest
Located north of Cairns in the tropical far north corner of Queensland, this is a paradise for couples looking for a romantic, un-commercialized eco-tourism destination. It is one of the most diverse and beautiful homes to the largest range of plants and animals on earth, and all are found within the largest chunk of rainforest in Australia. The World Heritage lists this area as containing the highest number of plant and animal species that are rare, or threatened with extinction, anywhere in the world. Visitors to this region can experience magnificent scenery, mountain ranges, streams and waterfalls, deep gorges and dense rainforest. The area has many romantic resorts that are harmonious with nature. Many of the resorts are built like tree houses and located on rainforest rivers where you will come in close contact with the night sounds of the forest and the beautiful fragrances.
Where To Stay
Silky Oaks Lodge. This an oasis of luxury and relaxation. The lodge overlooks a beautiful rainforest river lagoon on the Mossman River near the majestic Mossman Gorge. Take a relaxing stroll along the lush riverbanks, explore the local area by bike, paddle a canoe on the Mossman River, or join a guided rainforest walk or hike from the lodge to within sight of the Mossman Gorge. For relaxation and a romantic experience, enjoy the beautiful award winning Healing Waters Spa.

Great Barrier Reef - The world's largest coral reef system is an ideal romantic vacation destination for couples enjoying scuba diving, snorkeling, or just relaxing and enjoying the solitude and beauty of the beaches and coral reefs. They offer crystal clear, bathtub warm water with very colorful and plentiful tropical fish.
Where To Stay
Qualia Resort, Hamilton Island
Located on Hamilton Island's northern-most tip, they offer 60 private pavilions, with breathtaking views that look onto the Coral Sea and the surrounding Whitsunday Islands. There are spacious one-bedroom freestanding pavilions (Windward and Leeward) that provide an indulgentspace to relax in and unwind, with either a sundeck or private infinity edge plunge pool. Or, there's the uncompromising luxury and privacy of the Beach House with its own guest pavilion.

Ayers Rock in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
Looking to spend several days at a romantic desert retreat? There's no more beautiful romantic desert experience than a visit to Ayers Rock. The best time for viewing is at sunset when this beautiful rock formation illuminates the landscape with a burnished orange color and gradually changes into series of deeper and darker reds before it fades into charcoal. There are plenty of other activities in the area for the romantic at heart, including dining in the desert under a beautiful star light sky, camel back riding, and more.
Where To Stay
Longitude 131
They offer a luxurious, eco-sensitive, romantic experience. For that extra special romantic experience, book a private luxury tent with a white dome roof and flowing fabric draped from the centre create the illusion of camping. But unlike the early pioneers and explorers, guests revel in sublime comfort. The flick of a bedside switch is all it takes to raise the blinds and watch the spectacular moods of Ayers Rock at sunrise. They offer a variety of relaxation packages at their The Red Ochre Spa.