Best Asia Beaches: Where To Find Them

Best Asia Beaches

Discover the best Asia beaches with exceptional powdery sand, limestone rock formations, lush mountain greenery, and crystal clear turquoise waters

The best Asia beaches stand out as being amongst the best in the world. This is especially true of south east Asia, where there is no other continent or region of the world that can match the concentration of gorgeous beaches known for their exceptional white powdery sand,  lush background of tropical greenery, and crystal clear turquoise waters.

The Best Asia Beaches

Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui, Thailand - Koh Samui is located in the Gulf of Thailand, It is Thailand's second largest island after Phuket and a very popular, beautiful tropical island destination. Chaweng Beach is the best of the Samui Island's beaches with the whitest sand, the clearest water, ---- and also the wildest nightlife..

Havelock Island, India - One of the Andaman Islands, (is actually closer to Thailand) is reached by a two hour flight from the Indian mainland, followed by an hour's boat ride. This island is known for its pristine unspoiled white sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise water, secluded beaches, with very few tourists and a very slow life pace. Radhanagar Beach or Beach # 7 is the most beautiful on the island with beautiful silky white sand and a backdrop of shaded forest. The sandy bottom off the shore makes for excellent swimming and wading and for good snorkeling over the coral reefs a little further out. Sunsets here are often spectacular and it's a popular time to be at the beach.

Maldives - Is a beach goers tropical paradise with many un crowded, pristine beaches, with coral reefed, crystal clear seas, and lagoons. There are number of luxurious over water bungalows to choose from. The Maldives’ government has favored quality over quantity and has tight restrictions on beach development. Veligandu Island has one of the best beaches with an offshore atoll and colorful reefs with a wide variety of marine life.

Palawan, Philippines The Palawan Province has over 1,200 miles of coastline and over 1,700 near secluded, jagged limestone islands with underground rivers, rocky coves, virgin rainforest and powdery white beaches. Its rich ecosystem supports two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: coral-rich Tubbataha Reef Marine Park and Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River National Park. The roads are largely undeveloped with most of the islands made up of rain forest and white sandy beaches. Flora and fauna are plentiful. Honda Bay is a favored place with several islets including Bat Island, Cannon Island, and Starfish Island.

Phi Phi Island, Thailand - This is perhaps the most beautiful tropical island beach destination in the world. It's unparalleled with silky fine white sand beaches, majestic limestone rock formations, lush green mountains, natural cave systems, and crystal clear turquoise water. Taken all together it makes for one of the world's top beach destinations. Located just 45 minutes by speedboat from Phuket, the beach has powdery white soft sand, unlike anywhere else in the world. The islands have drawn the attention of world travelers as the location for the 2000 British-American film "The Beach". Phi Phi consists of six small islands south of Phuket. Phi Phi Lei is uninhabited, and Phi Phi Don is without roads. Phi Phi Island has a number of reasonably priced accommodations ranging from two to five star hotels and resorts. Best time to enjoy the beach is before 10 am and after 3 pm when day trip crowds leave the area.

Redang, Malaysia - Redang Island is known for its crystal clear turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and the marine life that inhabits the close to shore reefs. This also makes for good off the beach snorkeling. Redang is also well known as a turtle sanctuary, with turtles laying their eggs on Turtle Beach on the north side of the island. Redang has more up scale resort based accommodation, compared to the neighboring Perhentian Islands where backpacker accommodations prevail.

Saud Beach, The Philippines - Saud Beach is one of the best kept beach destination secrets. This 2-kilometer long crescent beach is known for its fine white-cream sand, crystal clear turquoise waters, and coral reef lined, pristine beaches. The beach is relatively secluded from throngs of tourists.

Tioman Island, Malaysia - is known as a great destination for beach, nature lovers, and considered a snorkeling and divers paradise. It rich with lush jungles, crystal-clear turquoise water, white-sand beaches, and white coral reefs that ring the island. It is part of Malaysia’s protected marine park islands. One of the best to stay for seclusion and serenity is on Tioman Beach at the Berjaya Tioman Beach Resort.

Places to Stay

Four Seasons Resort
Koh Samui, Thailand
An away-from-it-all hillside resort on the Gulf of Siam. Spacious Thai villas are wrapped in tropical gardens, conserved coconut groves and the amphitheatre of sky, sea and islands. Enjoy the forest spa. Dine at hillcrest or beach side. Explore a pristine world of beaches, reefs, rainforest and sunshine.

Barefoot at Havelock
Havelock Island, India
A small resort is set in rain forest and tropical fruit trees behind a pristine 2 km white-sand stretch of the quirkily named Beach No. 7 at Havelock Island.

Mirihi Island Resort
Ari Atoll, Mirihi Island (Maldives)
Located on a secluded tropical island in the South Ari Atoll approximately 85 kilometres south of the capital Male'. A picturesque and breathtaking 30 minute seaplane ride from Male will bring you here. This emerald gem is just 350 meters long and 50 meters wide with a sparkling palm-fringed beach of fine white sand.

Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort & Spa
Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand
This 112 room rustic hotel is located on a private beach