Holland Flower Route

One of the Europe's Most Scenic Drives

Holland Flower Route

The Holland Flower Route, or in the Netherlands known as the Bloemen Route, is a very scenic route as it begins it's blossoms in late January with the emergence of the crocus and reaches it's peak and is most scenic with the blooming of the hyacinths and tulips in late April and May.

Drive This Scenic Route

This scenic drive is a 25 mile trip from the northern most point (the Bollenstreek Route) of the Flower Route in Haarlem to the southern most end in Leiden.

From Haarlem drive south on highway N208 to Lisse. This is the home of the Keukenhof Garden, a must see stop for for the display of spring flowering bulb gardens in the world. This garden is designed to showcase the art of Dutch bulb growers

This scenic drive takes in the dense concentration of spring flowering bulbs that come to bloom with vibrant ribbons of primary color flower beds that seem to endlessly appear along the level Dutch horizon. The fields along the road blossom with beautiful strips of vibrant colors with the beginning of the flowering season in late January with the crocus, followed by daffodils and the narcissi, and peaking with the hyacinths and tulips in bloom in late April and lasting through early May.

In addition to the vibrant beds of flowers along the countryside, you'll see a whole industry come to life with flower vendors setting up booths to sell flowers, to the wholesale auction houses, the public gardens that creatively display the flowers, and the museums and private gardens that come alive during the season.

Along the route you will see many charming villages that prospered from the bulb industry, along with the two major cities along the route, Haarlem Lisse, and Leiden, both rich in history and scenic canals.

This is an amazing demonstration of the ingenuity of the Dutch, especially when you consider the fact that you are driving on the bottom of a former sea. With all there is to see to see, to best take it all in, it is suggested that you make this a two day trip with a stay overnight at one of the charming villages along the route.

Places To Stay

Stempels Hotel
Haarlem, The Netherlands
This 37 room hotel is located in a beautiful, historic building in the central square of Haarlem near the Cathedral of St. Bavo.

Hotel De Duif
Lisse, The Netherlands
This 39 room hotel is located in the picturesque town of Lisse, and a five minute walk to the Keukenhof Garden.

Hotel-Restaurant De Beukenhof
Leiden, The Netherlands
Located in an old charming hotel 5 room in a very quiet suburb of Leiden, walking distance to High Street shopping . Rooms have a jacuzzi and sauna.

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