Gray Wolves in Yellowstone National Park

Gray Wolves in Yellowstone National Park
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The best and one of the few places to see gray wolves in their natural habit is in Yellowstone National Park during the winter months when the temperatures drop and snow begins to fall.

Wolves are difficult to locate with winter being the best time of the year when wolves are more likely to be spotted because of the thin foliage and the abundance of prey roaming out into open areas.

They inhabit most of the park, peak activity is at dawn and dusk. The northern range of Yellowstone is one of the best places in the world to watch wolves.

January through March is prime time for watching gray wolves in Yellowstone National Park.

Late April and May is another good time to see wildlife as both wolves and grizzlies --- who have come out of hibernation --- can be easily be seen in the valley

In the winter, the only way to travel inside the park is either by snow coach, a tour vehicle equipped with either a rubber track or a ski system, or by tour sized snowmobile. During the winter months, access into Yellowstone National Park is from the the North Entrance at Gardiner.

The Best Places in Yellowstone National Park To see Gray Wolves

The Northern Range to Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park offers the greatest concentration of gray wolves and wildlife. Here you can get to see the largest concentration elk herd in the world, the largest concentration of grizzly bears in the park, antelope, moose, black bears, bison, mule deer, big horn sheep, coyotes, red fox, osprey, bald eagles, and more.

he best way to see wolves and fully understand wolf behavior and how they they impact on the Yellowstone ecosystem, is to book a tour with a a licensed tour guide.

Yellowstone Forever offers guided snowshoe tours with a wolf ecologist in the park's northeastern region; trips include several nights at the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel.

Places To Stay For Winter Gray Wolf Watching

Mammoth Hot Springs
Xanterra Parks & Resorts
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
1-866- 439-7375
Open from mid December - early March. This quaint resort is located below the steaming limestone terraces of Mammoth Hot Springs, and near the north entrance of Yellowstone National Park.

Old Faithful Snow Lodge
Open from mid December until early March, this is a rustic and contemporary luxurious retreat that is one of the only lodging facilities open during the summer and winter seasons at Yellowstone National Park. Snow coach and other sightseeing tours are also available through the Snow Lodge.

Rainbow Ranch Lodge
Gallatin Gateway, MT
(406) 995-4132
A luxurious twenty-one room hotel and gourmet restaurant located on the banks of the Gallatin River in Big Sky, Montana.