• Pitons, St. Lucia
  • Stonehenge, England
  • Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
  • West Bay Beach, Roatan, Honduras
  • Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
  • Rome, Italy
  • Redoubt Bay, Alaska
  • Antelope Canyon, Arizona
  • Phi Phi Islands, Thailand
Pitons, St. Lucia1 Stonehenge, England2 Galapagos Islands, Ecuador3 West Bay Beach, Roatan, Honduras4 Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming5 Rome, Italy6 Redoubt Bay, Alaska7 Antelope Canyon, Arizona8 Phi Phi Islands, Thailand9

Soft Adventure Tourism

Soft Adventure Tourism is all about the sharing of information and tips with travelers planning vacations or trips to non-traditional destinations for new experiences, activities, cultures, and natural wonders, with some mild physical activity.

It's one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry and is enjoyed by anyone who is looking for more than just your typical vacation to a beach, a cruise, or a sightseeing trip to a big city. Although many of the soft adventure short tours are often taken to supplement the traditional vacation. This includes many trips to destinations that offer eco-tourism or special interest expeditions or themes